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Jasmyn is known for her clear smooth vocal tones, and classical approach to music, which can be clearly heard in her debut album Jy wens jy kon se. Agt Keer Opstaan , her latest CD, showcases her angelic voice with Celtic undertones, which is still the element that positions her as one of the country’s most promising emerging female artists, but the golden thread running through it, is the feeling of upliftment you get when listening to the melodies.

Jasmyn was born in the Free State, and grew up on a farm just outside Oranjeville. She considers it a privilege to have been able to grow up as a child at one with nature. During her final year of school in 2008, she realized that singing was her passion, although the idea of entertaining with her singing certainly was not an idea she had grasped. That only changed the day she gave her heart to God, and thereafter began the pursuit of her dreams of a singing career in earnest, at the end of 2009. The idea of pure entertainment was a thing of the past and her new goal was to carry a message to her listeners.

During 2011, Jasmyn’s debut CD, Jy Wens Jy Kon Se was released. There are 13 songs on the album, of which 7 are in Afrikaans and 6 in English, and amongst these are 7 original works. The album ranges from the light classical genre to pop, Celtic and Contemporary music. The Africa Choir, Impulse and Voices Plus, choir of the University of Johannesburg performing on two of the tracks, lend the music a deeper dimension, and richer nuance of South African culture. Full credit must go to the support of the team, the production leader Johan Heystek, her parents and MMX Studio for the ease of the album’s production.

Not only have Jasmyn’s recordings been associated with well-known names in the industry, such as Maurits Lotz and Vinnie Henrico, but she made her own name internationally , when in 2010 she took part in Eurovision OGAE rest of the world’s “Face vs Voice” contest, and won the title. Then, at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 in Dusseldorf she was chosen to open a function on behalf of all the contestants.

Back in South Africa, she has shared the stage with artists like Rina Hugo, Natasha Joubert and Joe Niemand in the Hallelujah Gospel Gala at Carnival City. In October 2011 Jasmyn performed at the production of VAMT- Vonk African Music Awards, after which she was described as “the surprise of the evening”.

In 2012 Jasmyn recorded Agt Keer Opstaan, working together with producers Dirk van Niekerk and Johan Kelber. The album became available in September 2012 in music stores. It is an easy-listening album and can easily compete with names like Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson.

Agt Keer Opstaan is an album with a message of encouragement. With songs like Dance of Life, Kettings Breek ( Break the Chains) and the well-loved Footprints in the Sand, it gives a sense op upliftment.

On September 4, 2012 Jasmyn’s CD Agt Keer Opstaan was released at the Atterbury Theatre in Pretoria. It was a delightful, relaxing evening, where Jasmyn showcased her latest works accompanied by TUT’s dancers, a live band, a men’s choir and the Waterkloof High School Drum Majorettes.

“If you fall seven times, you must get up eight times. Remain steadfast, tell your story and continue on your path”.
That refrain is the chorus of the title track on Jasmyn’s album, Agt Keer Opstaan. It makes you remember the adage, that no matter how many times you fall, it’s how many times you pick yourself up again that counts.

Jasmyn says:” I would like to share more of myself and my heart with my audience, as well as my experience and story behind each song. I am passionate and excited about the language of lyrics and melody. I believe music is the language that everyone understands. My dream is that my music will be a light in the dark for someone, and to touch their heart and soul deeply, giving new hope, inspiration and love.
Music has a huge influence on people! People also have a quest for inspiration, hope, love excitement and so much more. It is my intention to offer music with inspirational lyrics in the hope it will prompt people to think a little more deeply about the meaning of our existence. An absolute highlight of my life was my visit to Israel in 2010. It was very enriching spiritually, and it had a special value for me to be able to walk where Jesus walked and to be where He once was.”

Something about Jasmyn : She’s a girl who loves dressing up and looking pretty with jewelry and scarves – and hence winter is her favorite season, because scarves are more suitable then. She says if she did not enter the entertainment industry, she would have wanted to be a Dietician, as she places great importance on the healthy lifestyle, and the effects of food on the body.

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